If you are tired of waking up to a trail of ants in your shower or going to your kitchen and finding ants on your countertops, there is a solution!

    To ensure your Arizona home is comfortable and safe, all you need to do is turn to Bucksworth Services for top-quality ant pest control in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere in the East Valley!

    You could scrub your home from top to bottom and have the cleanest house in the country—but ants can still make their way into your home and when they do, it can be difficult to remove them. You need a trusted and lasting solution.

    At Bucksworth Services, our goal is to keep your home looking clean, healthy, and free of pests! We know how troubling it can be when unwanted pests like ants infiltrate your Arizona home, but our team is here for you and can take care of the issue.

    Why Choose Bucksworth for Ants?

    Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you with your ant problem. We honor our 24-Hour Promise, which ensures we will arrive within the first 24 hours of your call! All of our pest control services come with a Pest-Free Guarantee so if your pests return, we will correct the issue for free.

    We work hard to provide lasting solutions and deliver on our promises to each and every customer.

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    Types of Ants

    The most common types of ants in houses are:
    Pavement Ants

    lots of ants trying to get into a crack in the wall

    These are small black ants that do not bite but are able to sting. They can contaminate your food and are also referred to as sugar ants since they prefer sweet food.

    Carpenter Ants

    a black carpenter ant burrowing into wood

    They vary in color, but are typically black. Carpenter ants can bite, have powerful jaws, and can transfer bacteria and viruses to your food. They eat meat, fats, and sweet foods in homes. They don’t eat wood, but they do burrow their nests inside it.

    Odorous Ants

    dark colored ant on a green leaf

    These ants are small, dark in color, and fond of sugar. Odorous house ants have an odor when they are crushed.

    Signs of an Ant Problem

    If you do not leave out food and clean your tables and floors after eating but continue to see ants reappearing each day, you may have an ant problem.

    Pavement ants and carpenter ants can tunnel through your home’s wood structure to create their nests. When ants do this, they leave behind wood shavings. If you see wood shavings on your floors or near your crown molding or doorways, there could be an ant problem in your home.

    Ant Pest Control Services in Arizona

    An ant problem can leave you feeling uncomfortable and distressed, but all you need to do is turn to our Bucksworth Services professionals and we will take care of it!

    Our experts will inspect your home, locate any nests, and then remove and chemically treat the area to kill the ants and prevent more from returning. We will also check for any high-humidity areas that may attract ants and make recommendations on how to reduce the moisture in the air and make it less enticing for ants.

    It’s important to contact our ant pest control professionals as soon as you discover your home has an ant problem. Don’t wait to take action—otherwise, you risk the ants damaging your property and compromising your health. The sooner you call us, the quicker we can resolve the issue and help protect your home!

    Where Do Ants Go in the House?

    You may find ants anywhere in your home, all the way from near moisture around your sinks, faucets, and showers to inside the cracks in your walls and window frames to underneath your floorboard.

    If food is left out or you drop a crumb on the floor, you may see ants lining up to get to and eat the food. You may also see a trail of ants near any drops of water, such as by your kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, toilet, or bathtub drains.

    Benefits of Ant Control and Treatment

    Here are the benefits of turning to Bucksworth Services for ant pest control services:

    • You don’t have to try a variety of products and attempt to remove the ants on your own—our experts have a trusted solution that is backed by our Pest-Free Guarantee!
    • You will eliminate any potential health risks that could be caused by the ants.
    • You protect your home from damage.
    • You will have peace of mind knowing your home is ant-free!

    Ready for Ant Control, Treatment, and Removal Services?

    It can be difficult to address an ant problem in your Phoenix, Tucson, or East Valley area home all on your own. Don’t go about it alone—just call Bucksworth Services so we can take care of it for you!

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