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    At Bucksworth Services, we believe in providing you with the best possible results. We offer viable solutions and will address your centipede or pest problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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    Centipedes detect prey through the use of their antennae, which are covered with dense hairs. They use venom to immobilize their prey. Most centipedes are carnivorous and prey upon soft-bodied insects, spiders, worms, and other arthropods—including other centipedes.

    Centipedes are not likely to consume wood. Arthropods, commonly known as wood-eating centipedes, are millipedes. While millipedes do closely resemble centipedes, millipedes are herbivores and detritivores, subsisting on dead and decaying plant material, including wood or cellulose material.

    While centipedes and millipedes have their purpose in nature, they can be quite bothersome in your home. For centipede control services you can trust, look to Bucksworth Services.

    Centipede Infestation Signs

    The main sign of a centipede infestation is seeing them all over your home, but there are some other warning signs, such as:

    • You see other bugs in your home, such as ants, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and silverfish. Centipedes prey on these bugs, so the more bugs there are in your home, the more likely it is that you will also see centipedes.
    • It is spring or fall, which is the most common time of the year for centipede infestations. If centipedes lay eggs in your home, the eggs will hatch in the spring, and you will see more centipedes.

    For common house centipedes, you may consider setting up sticky traps, which can help you accurately gauge the number of centipedes in your home. This will also help identify potential routes of access within your home.

    Centipede Control and Preventative Measures

    Because centipedes feed on insects and other arthropods, eliminating their food sources is a step toward controlling centipedes. It’s ideal to identify all other pests inside your home before performing any pest control.

    Although centipedes may help homeowners get rid of insects like cockroaches and houseflies, large centipedes can bite. They may do this if they are handled or disturbed, though some centipedes are able to run away quickly. A bite from a centipede can be as painful as a bee sting, but it can also result in severe pain, numbness, discoloration, and inflammation.

    If you have a centipede infestation, you should try to reduce moisture and seal entryways to your home. Moisture in your building’s foundation and an accumulation of water on your roof can be problematic and lead to an infestation. Be sure to keep leaves, wood, compost, and other organic material away from the sides of your home or building.

    centipede crawling into an electrical cover
    Some nonchemical treatments that may be included in your centipede control and treatment plan include:

    • Reducing moisture problems by repairing water leaks or using dehumidifiers.
    • Reducing clutter that provides centipedes with protection and a place to hide. Our Bucksworth Services pest management professionals will point out these places and recommend rearranging items so nothing is stacked right up against the wall or resting directly on the floor.
    • Reducing the number of insects and spiders in your home, which centipedes are known to prey on.
    • Sealing holes, cracks, and gaps that provide a way for outdoor centipedes, insects, and spiders to get inside your home.
    • Removing indoor centipedes with a vacuum.

    Generally, chemical control methods are used for temporary centipede control. Our pest management professionals will assess your situation and may use insecticides in cracks, crevices, and other centipede harborage areas.

    If the centipede population is especially heavy outdoors, your plan may include chemical applications to the cracks or gaps in the foundation and in any crawl spaces or mulch around the house.

    Centipede Pest Control Services in Arizona

    Adult centipedes hide in moist, dark, and secluded areas during the winter. They place eggs in dampened soil during summer or spring. Most centipedes live for more than a year and some up to six years. Centipedes may enter houses and buildings, but they do not roam during the daytime. They hide in damp areas around bathrooms, closets, basements, and other sites typically infested by pests.

    When centipedes become a problem, the first thing to do is contact our Bucksworth Services professionals! We will begin with an inspection and create a centipede treatment plan designed to control the centipede infestation. Centipede treatment usually involves both non-chemical and chemical control methods, but your treatment plan will focus on finding where the centipedes are located, discovering how they are getting inside your home, and ensuring the centipedes cannot return.

    When you have a centipede problem in your home, contact Bucksworth Services!

    Benefits of Centipede Pest Control

    You will enjoy these benefits when you turn to Bucksworth Services for centipede control services:

    • You won’t have to do anything other than call our professionals—we will get rid of the centipedes and ensure they stay out.
    • You are covered by our Pest-Free Guarantee, so if the centipede problem is not addressed, we will return and make it right.
    • You protect your health and safety.
    • You will have peace of mind knowing there are no more centipedes in your home!

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