Heating Installation and Replacement

Have you ever stopped to think about all your options for heating your Surprise, AZ, area home?

You could opt for a traditional gas furnace or boiler—or go in a completely different direction by installing an electric heat pump that provides heating and cooling. You may even opt for a dual-fuel system, which pairs your heat pump with a gas furnace that is designated for those extra cold nights!

With Bucksworth Services on your side, it’s never been easier to decide on the right type of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for your home.

Our seasoned and trained professionals can answer any of your questions and recommend the best heating system to install so you can remain comfortable inside your Arizona home regardless of the outdoor weather.

Heating Installation and Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace your current heating equipment in your home with a newer, more updated model or you are looking to upgrade to a different heating method, Bucksworth Services is equipped with knowledge and tools to help make the installation process go as smoothly as possible.

Our professionals will take measurements involving your home’s size, layout, and design when recommending a heating system. We never want you to spend money on the wrong-sized equipment that falls short of keeping your entire home warm. We want you to get the best value and enjoy the comfort of your Surprise, AZ, home for many years.

Our goal is to recommend a product that not only meets all of your needs—but also meets the needs of your home.

Gas Furnace Installation and Replacement

If your current gas furnace is 15 years or older, you could benefit from replacing your equipment. Newer gas furnace models operate far more efficiently than outdated versions—so you will not only enjoy a brand new and efficient system but also reduced energy use and expenses.

Not sure which model is best for your home? Our Bucksworth Services professionals are ready to assist. We can install your new system so that it operates at peak capacity for many years to come.

Boiler Installation and Replacement

Looking to replace your boiler with a newer model? There’s no job our experts can’t handle. We will work with you to select the right make and model and then begin the process by removing your current boiler and installing your new boiler in its place.

A new boiler offers greater efficiency—which will translate to savings and help you offset some of the cost of the installation! Invest in a new system and enjoy its smooth and efficient operation for years. In fact, when you schedule routine maintenance visits, your boiler can run efficiently for 15 to 20 years.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Heat pumps offer you an environmentally friendly and extremely energy-efficient heating option. A heat pump is a single unit that provides heating and air conditioning.

Unlike a gas furnace, heat pumps do not generate energy. Instead, they transfer heat from one location to another.

Air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) provide heating by pulling warm air from the outside and moving it inside your home to keep it feeling warm and cozy. When you want cooling, your heat pump works in reverse—it extracts warm air inside your home and transfers it outside.

Heat pumps typically cost more up-front than a conventional HVAC system, but the payoff comes in lower energy bills and increased comfort. As more states around the country turn away from gas-burning appliances, heat pumps are a solid option.

Call for Top-Quality Heating Installation and Replacement Services

While there are many different heating options for your Surprise, AZ, area home. Bucksworth Services is here to guide you every step of the way. Give us a call at 480-422-8388 or request service online.

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