Scorpion Pest Control

Nobody wants scorpions in their Mesa, AZ, area home—but it can happen. A scorpion infestation may be troubling, but don’t worry because you can always call Bucksworth Services to address the problem!

At Bucksworth Services, we use our 15 years of pest control experience to provide the best quality service possible. We also offer weed control and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

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Scorpion Pest Control Services in Arizona

When scorpions become a problem, you need a pest management professional that you can trust. That’s what you can always expect when you contact Bucksworth Services. We are honest and up-front, and we offer free estimates.

Our pest management professionals will inspect your Mesa, AZ, area property and recommend the appropriate services to address your scorpion problem. We take every safety precaution to keep your home pest-free and healthy.

We proudly offer our 24-Hour Promise and Pest-Free Guarantee, which help ensure your problem is handled correctly and within a timely manner. If for some reason, we fall short, we will make it right.

Scorpion Infestations

Scorpions sting to capture prey and defend themselves. They can deliver venom with their stinger, though they typically do not sting or release venom unless provoked or they feel threatened.

A scorpion sting can be painful and uncomfortable. An allergic reaction could occur, and your nervous system may even be affected.

If you come across a scorpion in its habitat outside, leave it alone. But if you find a scorpion inside your home, call Bucksworth Services, and we will take care of it.

Our Bucksworth Services professionals will check to see if there is a larger scorpion infestation and act accordingly to keep you and your family safe.

Signs of a Scorpion Infestation

You may have a scorpion infestation if you notice any of the following:

  • You’ve seen one or more scorpions inside your home and suspect there are others. More than 10 scorpions typically indicate a scorpion infestation.
  • You’ve spotted several smaller bugs inside your home. Scorpions consume smaller bugs, like ants, spiders, and centipedes.
  • You have citrus plants inside or near the entrance of your home, which attract one of the most common types of scorpions called bark scorpions.
  • You live in a newly constructed home. Newly built homes disrupt the scorpion’s natural habitat. But instead of leaving, scorpions often stay close by.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

At Bucksworth Services, we begin with an inspection of your property. We will remove any scorpions from your home and create a plan to deter them and prevent them from returning to your home.

Some actions we may take during the scorpion pest control service include:

  • Applying insecticide to areas where scorpions are found or where they could enter your home.
  • Removing debris from around the house where scorpions like to live, such as near or under rocks, fallen trees, stacks of firewood, potted plants, outdoor furniture, inside attics and crawl spaces, and outdoor storage sheds or barns.
  • Recommending you mow your lawn regularly, cut your grass short, and keep landscaping plants at least two feet away from your home’s foundation.
  • Suggesting to seal areas, such as doorways, openings, screen doors, and pipes, where scorpions may enter your home.
  • Inspecting firewood, boxes, and other items to ensure scorpions are not entering your home this way.

Our Bucksworth Services professionals will evaluate your particular situation and, if necessary, use chemical products. Scorpions prefer to hide in well-protected places, so unless the chemical applications are targeted to their harborage sites, chemical use may not always be effective.

In any event, we will use discretion and act accordingly to ensure your scorpion problem is addressed! We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your home safe, healthy, and free of unwanted pests like scorpions.

Our 24-Hour Promise and Pest-Free Guarantee

A scorpion infestation needs to be handled as soon as possible. At Bucksworth Services, our goal is to keep you comfortable and at ease. That’s why we act with urgency and offer our 24-Hour Promise, which guarantees we will be at your home in under 24 hours to address your pest problem.

We believe in the work we do. Results matter, and that’s why we offer our Pest-Free Guarantee. If it turns out your pest problem is not resolved, we will return to your home and fix it for free!

Bucksworth Services offers innovative home solutions to keep you safe, protected, and able to enjoy the comfort of your home. Call us for scorpion pest control services today.

What Are the Benefits of Scorpion Pest Control?

Some advantages of turning to Bucksworth Services for scorpion pest control services include:

  • You enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe, healthy, and scorpion-free.
  • You will protect your home and your health.
  • You won’t have to do anything other than call our professionals for service!

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