Yellow Jackets Pest Control

Have you noticed more and more yellow jackets making their way into your Mesa, AZ, area home? A yellow jacket infestation can easily cause distress, and it increases your risk of getting stung and having an allergic reaction.

When there’s a pest like a yellow jacket infiltrating your home, you need a team of trusted pest control and removal professionals who can step in right away. That’s where Bucksworth Services comes in!

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Why Choose Bucksworth Services for Yellow Jacket Pest Control Services?

Yellow jackets can easily enter your home and may even build a nest inside and lay their eggs, which can lead to an even larger infestation. No matter the pest issue, our Bucksworth Services professionals are only a phone call away!

After you call us for professional pest control services, you can expect one of our professionals to arrive within 24 hours. This is our 24-Hour Promise to you! When you’re dealing with an unwanted pest or a complete infestation in your home, you need urgent service—and that’s exactly what you will receive from our pest control experts!

We are confident that we can resolve your yellow jacket problem. We back our work with our Pest-Free Guarantee, so if for some reason your pest issue is not resolved, we will return, at no cost to you.

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Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are pollinators and may also be considered beneficial because they eat beetle grubs, flies, and other pests. They are also known as scavengers who eat meat, fish, and sugary substances, making them a nuisance near trash receptacles and outdoor picnic tables.

Many yellow jackets are ground nesters. Their colonies can be found under porches or steps, in sidewalk cracks, around railroad ties, or at the base of trees. Sometimes the queen uses a wall void of a building as a nesting place. Some yellow jackets build aerial nests in bushes, low-hanging branches, or the corners of buildings and other manmade structures.

If you see an aerial nest, there are likely yellow jackets nearby. Since yellow jackets are beneficial predators of many damaging insects, treatment should only be applied when yellow jackets pose a stinging threat to you, other household members, or your pets.

Professional Yellow Jacket Pest Control Services in Mesa, AZ

Your yellow jacket control and treatment plan will begin with our Bucksworth Services pest management professionals performing a thorough inspection so we can correctly identify the pest and confirm whether or not it is in fact a yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets usually build their nests below ground, but they may also build them in hidden, protected locations above ground. Once the nest is located, our pest management professionals can use the appropriate and effective control methods to contain and remove the pest.

If a treatment product is necessary, our pest management professionals have various insecticide dust and aerosol products available. The specific products and application methods will generally depend on whether the nest is above or below ground.

For underground nests, the product we will most likely use is insecticide dust. The dust is applied to the lower part of the nest and its entrance. Since numerous yellow jackets are outside of the nest searching for prey during the daytime, the nest entrance is left open so any returning nest members will come in contact with the product and die.

For aerial nests, it is usually best to use a dust or aerosol product. For aerial nests, our pest management professionals may decide to perform the treatment service after dark when most of the yellow jackets will be inside the nest. Once the nest is inactive, it can be removed and destroyed.

If there is a yellow jacket nest constructed in a void or cavity in a building’s interior, the nest’s entrance cannot be sealed until all of the nest’s yellow jackets are dead. If the entrance is sealed, members of the nest will try to escape the void through the inside of the structure and thus create a stinging hazard inside the structure.

Some of the preventative efforts that our pest management professionals may recommend include:

  • Keeping trash cans closed and cleaning them regularly so that yellow jackets are unable to feed on food residue either inside or outside the container
  • Keeping fallen fruit from fruit trees cleaned up
  • Using specialized traps to capture yellow jackets that are attracted to the traps

Yellow Jacket Removal

When you need to remove or contain yellow jackets in or near your Mesa, AZ area home, all you have to do is give our Bucksworth Services professionals a call. For over 15 years, we have provided trusted pest control services and solutions—we can help with your yellow jacket problem! Call us today for your free estimate.

Benefits of Yellow Jacket Pest Control

Here’s what you can expect when you call our professionals for yellow jacket pest control services:

  • You won’t have to do anything to remove the yellow jackets—we will take care of it!
  • You are covered by our Pest-Free Guarantee, so if the yellow jackets return shortly after our service, we will come back at no cost to you.
  • You will protect your health and safety.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing there are no more yellow jackets in your home!

Call Us for Yellow Jacket Pest Control Services

Pests like yellow jackets can be bothersome, especially when there’s an infestation inside your Mesa, AZ, area home. Just leave the pest control and removal service to our Bucksworth Services professionals so you can return to enjoying the comfort of your home in no time. Call us at 480-422-8388 or request service online.