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“This company is fraudulently billing me for services it is not providing!

I stopped service with Bucksworth in Aug-Sep 2023 timeframe. I stopped receiving bills from them, since I canceled service, until April 2024. I called the company to figure it out. Somehow they put me back into their system and I was showing up as an active customer. At that moment the lady asked if I wanted service canceled. I again canceled service. Well I just received another bill for services proved April and May 2024. No services have been provided. I am no longer a customer. But I am receiving bills again.

Poor business practice.”

– Joshua B.

“I have tried to cancel our automatic monthly fee 4 times now. We don’t want to use their services anymore. I cannot get this canceled. It’s so frustrating. I don’t believe they have sprayed for pests since probably October but they continue to charge us. I just realized that they charged us again this morning. How the heck do I get them to stop charging us and refund me for the months they didn’t provide a service?”

– Bobbie W.

“We have used their weed and pest service for years, and unfortunately, it has become a nightmare. Just this month, they overcharged myself and numerous neighbors. (including neighbors that had canceled service with them in 2022.) They don't erase your payment information after you've canceled, and they didn't notify anyone about the situation. Another issue is that there is no way to contact Bucksworth. Trying to contact someone in the company has been horrendous as they have hired a third-party company overseas to schedule tech visits. They have rescheduled my visit three times this month because the technician never arrived. I went with this company because I love to support a local family business, but their customer service and business ethnics have changed. Bucksworth is trash, and we will be canceling after being a loyal customer.”

– Roberta H.

“Don't , Don't, Don't try them.

I am on a yearly contract. The contract mentioned that they will come at least once every two months. I made appointment through this online platform, nobody replied. I called their company, appointment was made and their technician did not come. Not once, twice. I still have to wait two months to terminate my contract. This is one of the biggest mistake I have made.”

– Wing L.

“Found these guys on Google. Highly rated, gave them a call and they literally blew us away! We had 4 other quotes for a new air conditioning system, and no one was as thorough or provided the inspection and options for a new sytsem like these guys. Everything they do they can back up with their proprietary technology that took everything from what we pay srp to insualtion r factor and gave us a true net investment. It took the team almost 2 hours but the numbers were so different. For $36k they aero sealed my home, fixed all the leaky duct, they included over 8 inches of insulation, and they helped me understand the importance of going with a inverter ac (Daikan) versus the other brands etc. In the first month my electric bill went down almsot 80% (september) and is down almost 80% each month compared to october of last year too. Can not say enough about them! The really are World Class.”

– Jake H.

“The technicians that come out are always friendly, courteous and professional. I have my property services quarterly and am very satisfied with their services. In addition, every time I call their office the staff is extremely helpful, prompt and pleasant. Thank you! I would highly recommend this company.”

– Patrick D.

“I’ve been with Bucksworth for a while now and I’ve never had any issues… they know I do not want to see a scorpion on my property and I have not seen a single one since I started using their services….
Also check out the weed service…. I do not have the energy for pulling weeds anymore.
Thankfully they do that too!!!
Love them…. You will too!!!”

– Michelle D.

“First time using Bucksworth- several members of our community recommended this company so I submitted my request- I received great service from the owner at sign up he was very polite and helped address all my questions. I requested pest control services and ac maintenance and he was able to get his team out the same day. Jorge handled my pest control service, he was polite and courteous and did a great assessment and treatment of my home.”

– Gloria S.

“Our family receives Pest Control services from Bucksworth. We have been happy customers since 2021! Every pest control tech that has come to our home has been on time, courteous and efficient. Today I met Jorge and he listened to my pest concerns and provided great service. He was kind and professional. I recommend Bucksworth to any one in need of pest control services!”

– Megan M.

“Been using this company a long time. Recently added weed service so anxious to see how that works out. Staff great to work with; always friendly and accommodating with any issues.”

Lori R.

“We really like Bucksworth. Our technician, Rick is very easy to talk to and listens to your concerns and addresses them. We’ve recommended our neighbors to them and they are also pleased with their services. I’m not sure if they do anything for referrals, but that would make it even better! We really appreciate the notifications of their ETA as well. They have great customer service! Thank you, Rick!!”

Amy L.