What are the Most Common Pests in Arizona?

No matter where you live, pests and rodents can be an issue. As an Arizona resident, your home is subject to pest infestations just like the rest of the country. It doesn’t matter if you are in Gilbert, Queen Creek, Surprise, Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, or anywhere else in Arizona, there are pests. We are going to review the most common pests in Arizona, so you can know what to be on the lookout for and you can protect your home and family.

Most Common Pests in Arizona

Arizona is known for our year-round warm and sunny weather, and pests, much like people, find our climate attractive and tend to migrate and take up residence here. We review some of the most common pests in Arizona, below.

  • Scorpions: Scorpions are infamous in Arizona. Scorpions have a hard exoskeleton that allows them to live and survive in desert climates, much like we have here in Arizona. These pests can make their way into your home if they are seeking water and food. All scorpions are venomous, though most have a sting no worse than a bee sting, which is just painful and a nuisance. We do have bark scorpions in Arizona and their venomous sting can cause severe pain and be life-threatening. Scorpions like to live in tiny dark spaces, and can be hard to detect. Keeping your home free of scorpions is essential to your comfort and your health.
  • Termites: Most of Arizona sits on top of one of the most active subterranean termite ‘belts’ in the United States. Termites cause more damage to homes and property throughout the United States than fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes combined. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, subterranean termites cause damage in the range of $3 to $4 billion each year. Subterranean termites build massive colonies underground and use mud and debris to build tubes, allowing them to tunnel under the ground to your home. Arizona is also home to drywood termites. These termites require little moisture to survive and can go undetected for long periods of time.
  • Spiders: We can’t review the most common pests in Arizona, without talking about spiders. Arizona is home to many different types of spiders, including tarantulas. While tarantulas rarely enter homes, most of our other spiders like to make their homes inside of ours. Most of our spiders, including the tarantula, are usually harmless; however, there is the chance of a black widow or a brown recluse getting inside your home, both of which have a dangerous, and sometimes have a deadly bite.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are incredibly common all across the country, including in Arizona. Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that live on the blood of animals or humans. These little pests spread quickly and easily by hitching a ride on clothing, suitcases, furniture, etc. Once you have a bed bug infestation, it is very difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs are not considered dangerous, but their bite can cause an extremely itchy and uncomfortable rash and an allergic reaction to several bites may occur and need medical attention.
  • Cockroaches: Many different species of cockroaches live in Arizona. Cockroaches are known to carry germs and can create health issues for you and your family, making it important to keep them out of your home. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cockroaches are “unhygienic scavengers in human settlements”. Cockroaches eat everything from human and pet food to glue, seek damp locations, and reproduce very quickly; thus, causing an infestation to grow exceptionally fast. These pests are extremely hard to get rid of and can enter your home from the smallest of places, such as drains, cracks, etc.

There are many pests and rodents that we all want to keep outside of our homes, in fact, as the name “pest” implies, they are a nuisance and unwanted. We have only reviewed a few of the most common pests in Arizona, but keep in mind, there are others.

When it comes to pest control for your home, trust Bucksworth Home Services. We can help you make your home pest free so that you can keep your family and your home safe. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry if a pest is coming back and you deserve to have your home protected.

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