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HVAC & Pest Control in Phoenix, Tucson, & The East Valley

Are you looking for reliable HVAC and pest control in Arizona? Since 2013, we have been the leading HVAC and pest control company in Arizona.

Personalized AC Solutions
When it comes to AC services, we stand out as a business, independently owned and not part of a big corporation. This independence allows us to provide you with a higher level of personalized service and care that truly sets us apart.
Transparent pest control services
We never overpromise or oversell our pest control services. Honesty is at the core of our values, and we are proud to be known as one of the most transparent and trustworthy pest control companies.
Safe Natural Solutions
We’d like to clarify that while we use natural methods, the term “organic” can sometimes be misleading in our industry, and we are committed to using natural solutions that are effective and safe.
Commitment to integrity
We believe in the power of promises kept, living by the motto, “do what you are gonna do and be who you say you are.”

Proficient HVAC
& Pest Control

Our combined HVAC and pest control services offer homeowners a comprehensive solution that goes beyond typical home maintenance.

Home Protection
We understand that your home is not just a living space; it’s your sanctuary. Our aim is to ensure that it remains comfortable, healthy, and pest-free year-round.
Efficient HVAC & Pest Solutions
With our HVAC expertise, your home will have consistent temperature control and energy efficiency. At the same time, our residential and commercial pest control services will protect your property from potential damage and health risks associated with pests.

Our Reviews
Our Reviews

We have been using Bucksworth for a few years and are really happy with their services. They are always on time, considerate and thorough. We haven’t had any issues since using them as well!
- Tiffany S.
Bucksworth Services has been amazing! They communicate and do a great job when it comes to spraying and checking for insects. And thanks to them I have never had an insect problem! 10/10!
- Yadira G.
They are always on time and professional. They have amazing customer service and do an amazing job and take pride in their work. I would recommend them to anyone looking for this service.
- Matt A.
Seriously the best pest control company I have used. We went through like 5-6 companies and didn’t like any of them. Since using Bucksworth we haven’t seen any bugs and I’m ecstatic.
- Jaimie O.

Honest HVAC Services
in Phoenix & Tucson

Our Arizona heating and cooling services are designed to keep your home’s indoor environment comfortable and energy-efficient.

Your comfort is
our priority
We prioritize your well-being by providing expert installation, maintenance, and repairs. An efficient HVAC system not only enhances your comfort but also reduces energy consumption, saving you money in the long run.
locally owned & locally focused
We are proud to be a true Arizona business that isn’t owned by some giant private equity firm. We’re an honest, hardworking local business that wants to ensure our neighbors have quality HVAC service – and that’s exactly what we deliver! Available 24/7, you can rely on Bucksworth Services for HVAC service that always has your best interests in mind.


Top-Notch Pest Control
services in the Valley

Our pest control services are dedicated to safeguarding your home against unwanted intruders.


We take a straightforward approach, never overselling or making false promises. Our commitment to honesty and transparency sets us apart as one of the most trusted pest control companies.

Natural Pest-Free Solutions

We use natural methods to address pest issues effectively and safely, ensuring your home remains pest-free without harming the environment.

Your Trusted HVAC
& Pest Control Company

Our integrated HVAC and pest control services offer Arizona homeowners a complete solution to maintain a comfortable, healthy, and efficient home.

Contact Bucksworth Services today for the best HVAC and pest control services in Phoenix, Tucson, and throughout the East Valley!

Affordable Comfort services
We prioritize your well-being by providing affordable services with our flexible financing options that enhance your living environment and ensure your comfort and peace of mind without breaking the bank.
Bringing peace of mind to az homes
Our local AZ team is proud to serve our neighbors and their properties from potential problems. With us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a home that is both comfortable and pest-free – including weeds!