Pest Control

Are you sharing your home with a pest?

We’re talking about termites, mice, cockroaches, scorpions, spiders, bed bugs, or some other crawling critter in your Mesa, AZ home!

There’s no need to search far to find the best pest control services in Arizona—turn to Bucksworth Services to eliminate unwanted houseguests! Let us step in and protect you and your family from pests.

Bucksworth Services has over 15 years of pest control experience and provides reliable service for each and every customer. Plus, we offer weed control and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services. We take pride in being a name you can trust to keep your family safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Our team works hard to ensure you are satisfied. We offer free estimates and our 24-Hour Promise and Pest-Free Guarantee to address your needs quickly and efficiently!

Take a look for yourself—we proudly maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 5-star Google reviews.

What Is Pest Control and How Does It Work?

Pest control is a process that involves eliminating and managing unwanted pests. Bucksworth Services provides pest control for termites, scorpions, rodents, bed bugs, spiders, snakes, and much more. If there’s a pest in your home, we can take care of it! We will resolve the pest problem and recommend the best strategy to ensure they do not return.

These unwanted visitors can cause health issues for you and your family—they can even damage your property and belongings.

Don’t let a pest infiltrate your home. Call Bucksworth Services at 480-422-8388 today!

Top-Rated Pest Control Services in Arizona

At Bucksworth Services, we believe a comfortable home starts with it being safe and clean—and you can’t have that when pests are inside.

Our professionals know how distressing a pest infestation can be and are here to fix the problem for you. We offer pest management and protection to ensure you have peace of mind and can enjoy the comfort of your home.

We offer indoor and outdoor pest control services; window, door, and vent barriers; front- and back-porch barriers; year-round service, and more.

Our 24-Hour Promise and Pest-Free Guarantee

When you have a pest problem in your Mesa, AZ area home, you can’t wait days for a company to show up. Bucksworth Services understands this and is here to help when you need us! That’s why we offer a 24-Hour Promise, which means we will be at your home in under 24 hours to fix your pest problem.

We stand by our service so much that we offer our Pest-Free Guarantee. If the problem persists, we will return to fix it for free!

Be sure to schedule an appointment today so we can come out and inspect your Arizona home or business and suggest the best program for you.

Benefits of Pest Control

When you turn to Bucksworth Services for pest control services, you can expect the following:

  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe, protected, and pest-free!
  • You won’t have to handle pests on your own. Nobody wants to do that!
  • You will keep your family safer and healthier.
  • Your home won’t be at risk of damage from pests.
  • You reduce the risk of future infestations.

Termite Pest Control

Looking for reliable termite pest control in the Mesa, AZ area? It’s crucial to call our Bucksworth Services professionals as soon as you believe there is a termite problem in your home. Do not let the issue continue.

Termite droppings can cause allergy symptoms, skin irritations, and other health issues. Termites can eat through wood structures and damage your home. We do not want your health compromised or your home destroyed!

Contact Bucksworth Services to learn more about our termite pest control services and take the first step in protecting your home or business.

Learn more about termite pest control.

Scorpion Pest Control

Can you imagine sleeping in your room or relaxing on your couch and suddenly getting stung by a scorpion? Avoid this by turning to our Mesa, AZ scorpion pest control professionals.

Scorpions release venom that can affect your nervous system and cause pain. Be proactive and call our professionals for trusted scorpion pest control services so you won’t have to worry about them entering your home.

Concerned you have a scorpion problem in your home? Let our professionals come to the rescue! We will inspect your property and recommend a custom-tailored approach to ensure your home remains safe, clean, and pest-free!

Learn more about scorpion pest control.

Rodent Pest Control

Concerned there are mice, rats, roof rats, or squirrels running around your home? Don’t hesitate to give our rodent pest control professionals a call. There’s no need to set traps or attempt to get rid of a rodent in your home—leave the rodent removal to our experts!

If you suspect rodents are in your home, call us right away. You don’t want to risk a larger infestation. Our experts can inspect your home, find and remove any rodents, and create a plan to keep them out.

You can count on our experts when you need professional rodent pest control services in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding areas. Our team works hard to provide effective solutions to keep you and your family safe and protected. Give us a call!

Learn more about rodent pest control.

Weed Control

Animals can be pests when they enter your home and won’t leave—but those weeds in your front and back yard that continue to pop up can be just as bothersome. Bucksworth Services offers weed control solutions to help ensure your yard looks flawless year-round!

Since many homes in Arizona use gravel and rock on the front and back of the property, there is little to no grass to hide the weeds that grow through. Your weeds become obvious and unsightly, and they may even result in a fine from your homeowner’s association.

With Bucksworth Services removing and managing your weeds, you will have more time for yourself and all the things you enjoy most. We offer practical solutions that last—just give us a call for weed control service!

Learn more about weed control.

Contact Us for Trusted Pest Control Services Today

Don’t put up with a pest in your Mesa, AZ, area home—call Bucksworth Services and we will take care of the rest! Contact us at 480-422-8388 or request service online.




“This company is fraudulently billing me for services it is not providing!

I stopped service with Bucksworth in Aug-Sep 2023 timeframe. I stopped receiving bills from them, since I canceled service, until April 2024. I called the company to figure it out. Somehow they put me back into their system and I was showing up as an active customer. At that moment the lady asked if I wanted service canceled. I again canceled service. Well I just received another bill for services proved April and May 2024. No services have been provided. I am no longer a customer. But I am receiving bills again.

Poor business practice.”

- Joshua B.

“I have tried to cancel our automatic monthly fee 4 times now. We don’t want to use their services anymore. I cannot get this canceled. It’s so frustrating. I don’t believe they have sprayed for pests since probably October but they continue to charge us. I just realized that they charged us again this morning. How the heck do I get them to stop charging us and refund me for the months they didn’t provide a service?”

- Bobbie W.

“We have used their weed and pest service for years, and unfortunately, it has become a nightmare. Just this month, they overcharged myself and numerous neighbors. (including neighbors that had canceled service with them in 2022.) They don't erase your payment information after you've canceled, and they didn't notify anyone about the situation. Another issue is that there is no way to contact Bucksworth. Trying to contact someone in the company has been horrendous as they have hired a third-party company overseas to schedule tech visits. They have rescheduled my visit three times this month because the technician never arrived. I went with this company because I love to support a local family business, but their customer service and business ethnics have changed. Bucksworth is trash, and we will be canceling after being a loyal customer.”

- Roberta H.

“Don't , Don't, Don't try them.

I am on a yearly contract. The contract mentioned that they will come at least once every two months. I made appointment through this online platform, nobody replied. I called their company, appointment was made and their technician did not come. Not once, twice. I still have to wait two months to terminate my contract. This is one of the biggest mistake I have made.”

- Wing L.

“The technicians that come out are always friendly, courteous and professional. I have my property services quarterly and am very satisfied with their services. In addition, every time I call their office the staff is extremely helpful, prompt and pleasant. Thank you! I would highly recommend this company.”

- Patrick D.

“I’ve been with Bucksworth for a while now and I’ve never had any issues… they know I do not want to see a scorpion on my property and I have not seen a single one since I started using their services….
Also check out the weed service…. I do not have the energy for pulling weeds anymore.
Thankfully they do that too!!!
Love them…. You will too!!!”

- Michelle D.

“First time using Bucksworth- several members of our community recommended this company so I submitted my request- I received great service from the owner at sign up he was very polite and helped address all my questions. I requested pest control services and ac maintenance and he was able to get his team out the same day. Jorge handled my pest control service, he was polite and courteous and did a great assessment and treatment of my home.”

- Gloria S.

“Our family receives Pest Control services from Bucksworth. We have been happy customers since 2021! Every pest control tech that has come to our home has been on time, courteous and efficient. Today I met Jorge and he listened to my pest concerns and provided great service. He was kind and professional. I recommend Bucksworth to any one in need of pest control services!”

- Megan M.