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    Did you know that mice in Arizona can use any opening, such as utility lines, pipe openings, and gaps beneath doors, to gain entry into your home?

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    A Deeper Look at Mice

    Mice typically live in farm fields or grassy and wooded areas. They build nests in dark and secure areas, and they remain close to available food sources.

    Also known as house mice, they spend the day roaming and exploring. Mice prefer to eat seeds and nuts—but they are opportunistic feeders who will eat almost anything available. When the outdoor temperature begins to drop, house mice begin searching for a warmer place to live.

    Fruits and vegetables should also be stored properly. Food waste should never be left in sinks or on counters. Cardboard objects are also attractive to rodents, as they tend to chew them up for use in their nests, so be sure to remove these from your home.

    mouse popping its head out of a hole in a piece of wood

    Rodents like mice reproduce rapidly, and small populations become full-blown infestations in very little time. Keep any possible food sources away from rodents. Clean up any small crumbs and take out your garbage. Mice tend to go to these for food, as well as any dry goods, such as grains and cereals. Keep these in containers to prevent mice from getting to them and contaminating your food.

    You are more likely to see a mouse in the evening in your home, but it is possible to see a house mouse roaming during the day. Most often these animals are spotted scurrying along walls or running from a normally undisturbed hiding place.

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    Signs of a Mouse Infestation

    Here are some signs that could indicate you have a mouse problem in your home:
    You Find Mice Droppings

    Where there are mice, there are droppings. These small pellets are commonly found anywhere the animals have visited or traveled. Approximately 3 to 6 millimeters long, the droppings may be rod-shaped with pointed ends. Mouse droppings usually have hair embedded in them from where the mice have groomed themselves.

    You Spot Mice Footprints

    As mice explore their territories, they often leave behind footprints or tracks on surfaces. If you see a small four-toed front foot and a five-toed back footprint, this is a clear sign that a mouse has passed by.

    You Find Marks From Gnawing & Chewing

    House mice are known for chewing on a wide variety of items. If you notice shavings of wood and other materials or a fresh accumulation of debris in your home, a mouse may be present and responsible for the damage. Teeth and gnaw marks can also be found along the edges of furniture and fixtures and on the corners of objects. Mice may do this when traveling or to create an opening into an area.

    You Notice Nests In Your Home

    House mice tend to build nests in materials that can provide a dark and protective environment, such as insulation and other soft materials. These nests may have openings or tunnels that are free of dust and cobwebs, and they may be littered with droppings.

    You Hear Gnawing Or Scratching

    During the evening hours, especially when it is dark and quiet, these small animals can often be heard gnawing and scratching within the walls, running across the ceiling, and possibly squeaking.

    You Smell A Strong Odor

    House mouse urine plays an important role in communicating with other rodents. It’s common for rodents to mark an area to attract females or ward off other males. A distinct odor may become noticeable in an area with a large rodent population or when rodents have been present for a long time.

    Benefits of Mice Pest Control

    Handling a mouse problem in your home can be stressful and ineffective. Leaving it to Bucksworth Services professionals is your best bet and lets you enjoy the following:

    • You don’t have to take any action other than calling our Bucksworth Services professionals to address your mouse problem!
    • You are backed by our Pest-Free Guarantee, so if your mouse problem continues after service, we will return and properly resolve this issue for free.
    • You protect your health and safety.
    • You can finally enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no more mice in your home!

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