If you have termites or suspect you have an infestation, we’re the pros for termite inspection in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ you can count on. These tiny but destructive critters can cause extensive damage to your home. In fact, termites are to blame for more property damage throughout the United States than earthquakes, fires, and tornadoes combined. And it’s the eastern subterranean termites that can do the most damage. Fortunately, we’re AZ’s go-to choice for termites and pest control services.

We’ll carry out a termite inspection of your entire property and recommend a plan of attack and termite treatment that will rid you of these pests and the potential harm they can do to your home. If you’ve noticed weird mud tube trails around your home, droppings that look like small wood pellets, or your walls have turned hollow, it’s time to call our team.

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