Fly Pest Control

It’s frustrating enough when one fly is buzzing around in your Phoenix, AZ, home—but imagine an army of flies that you can’t get rid of! If you are dealing with a fly infestation, just know Bucksworth Services is here to help.

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Blow Fly Pest Control Services in Phoenix, AZ

The blow fly belongs to the family Calliphoridae. To date, there are approximately 80 species of blow flies in North America.

Blow flies are attracted to decaying meat and are typically the first organisms to come into contact with dead animals, which is essential for larval survival and growth. They are also attracted to plants that give off the smell of rotting meat and can be a pollinator for those plants.

The main sign of a blow fly infestation is seeing the flies themselves or larvae. The blow flies may rest on surfaces or buzz around potential food or odor sources, such as your garbage can.

It can be repulsive to see blow flies buzzing around inside your kitchen, garage, or other areas of your Arizona home—but you don’t have to resolve the issue on your own! Bucksworth Services is here with blow fly removal and treatment solutions. Give us a call for a free estimate for service today.

Fruit Fly Pest Control 

Fruit flies can infiltrate your home at any time of the year. They are attracted to and eat ripened fruit and vegetables.

The most common signs of a fruit fly infestation are seeing the adult fruit flies and the pupae. You may spot fruit flies circling around your trash or in your kitchen, especially if you have taken out or thrown away fruit or vegetables. Fruit flies are also attracted to beer and wine, so they will gravitate to open or used bottles.

Fruit flies may breed in decaying meat and trash bins. It is possible for fruit flies to lay their eggs in rotten fruit, so if you do have a fruit fly infestation, especially in or near your kitchen, be sure to dispose of all over-ripe fruit. Any fruit or vegetables you purchase afterward should go directly into your refrigerator until the fruit fly infestation is addressed.

Be sure to properly dispose of food waste and trash, regularly wipe your counters, and clean up any spills to help prevent fruit fly infestations.

It can be difficult to remove fruit flies, but our Bucksworth Services professionals have the knowledge and expertise to take care of the problem. Don’t go about it alone—just give us a call! We can handle recently discovered and prolonged fruit fly infestations and are here to help.

House Fly Pest Control

House flies prefer to rest on corners and edges or thin objects, like wires and strings. You may also see house flies resting on your floors, walls, and ceilings. When house flies are outside, you may see them resting on the ground, plants, fence wires, and garbage cans.

These flies are drawn to a wide variety of foods, including human food, animal food, carcasses, garbage, and excrement.

House flies can be a real nuisance when they are flying around, and they can transmit diseases, so it is important to get rid of them. It’s not easy getting rid of house flies when you have an infestation—there is often more involved than a fly swatter!

Our Bucksworth Services professionals are trained to identify all types of flies and will determine the source of the flies during an inspection. We will point out any structural issues, like torn screens or damaged weather stripping, that the flies could use to get inside your home, to help eliminate future issues.

We will eliminate the house flies and, depending on the situation, may do so with fly bait, traps, or an insecticide application. Our Bucksworth Services professionals have all of these tools available. We are composed of trained and experienced pest control experts so you can trust we will make the application correctly and resolve your fly infestation.

Fly Control and Preventative Measures

It is very important to identify the places where the flies have laid their eggs. They may have laid their eggs in an uncovered trash can or a bowl of pet food on the patio—or it may be less obvious.

Our Bucksworth Services professionals will inspect your home, determine the source of the breeding site, and ensure the breeding site is properly cleaned up and removed. If the breeding site is not removed, the flies will continue to be a problem.

Benefits of Fly Pest Control

Here is a list of benefits you can enjoy when you turn to Bucksworth Services for fly control services:

  • You won’t have to handle the situation on your own. All you need to do is call Bucksworth Services and we will get rid of the flies and ensure they stay out.
  • You are covered by our Pest-Free Guarantee, so if your fly problem is not resolved, we will return and correct the issue for free.
  • You protect your health and safety.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing there are no more flies in your home!

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