9 Signs Of Bug Infestation In Your Home

9 Signs Of Bug Infestation In Your Home - Cockroaches Surrounding a Drain.

Spiders, bees, and ants are good for the garden, but not for your Arizona home. 

Aphid-crunching arachnids, pollinating insects, and ants that help to disperse seeds can keep your outdoor plants pest-free and growing. Inside your living space, they and many other insects are not only a nuisance but can destroy property and jeopardize your health.  

When they invade your home, tell them to bug off by calling our pros at Bucksworth Services. 

We are a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company with weed and pest control expertise. We love helping customers in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding communities reclaim their homes from invaders of all shapes and sizes, including insects, spiders, rodents, and reptiles. 

Bugs And Your Health

We understand that some homeowners may have difficulty removing one insect, let alone an infestation. Bugs can seem off-putting and creepy as they trigger asthma symptoms or leave a stinger under your skin. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bugs such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies can spread malaria, Zika, yellow fever, Lyme, and other diseases. Bed bugs can cause itching, which might lead to a secondary infection, and cockroaches can trigger asthma.

Infestation Signs

Timely removal is essential to keep your home and family safe. How do you know if bugs have infested your living space? Here are nine signs:

  1. Wood shavings on the floor or around moldings can signal a carpenter ant infestation. These ants leave shavings behind as they burrow through and weaken your home’s structure. 
  1. Termites build underground colonies and construct tunnels to their food source—your home. They eat through wooden support beams and subflooring, causing significant damage. Look for discarded insect wings near windows and doors and termite tunnels, called mud tubes, made of soil and wood along your home’s foundation.  
  1. The buzzing sound you hear in your attic, chimney, or from the walls in your Tucson home may indicate a bee infestation. The bees may be accessing your home through cracks and holes. A hive may be nearby if you notice many bees outside your home. 
  1. Bed bugs bite and are most active at night. They can hide in fabric seams on furniture, in drawers, and in appliances. Look for rust-colored stains on bed sheets, pale yellow skins they shed, tiny eggs, and live bugs. 
  1. Silverfish feed on textiles, paper, books, glue, grains, and cereal. They prefer dark, damp areas, such as basements and bathrooms. If you notice more than one or two of these metallic-colored, wingless bugs indoors, you may have an infestation in your home. 
  1. If you see just one cockroach in your home, you likely will find more of them. They hide in dark, damp areas, behind and under appliances, in kitchen cupboards, in the shower, around leaky pipes, and in piles of laundry. Look for egg casings and droppings that look like ground pepper in areas where cockroaches hide.
  1. Spiders prey on other bugs, so they can help rid your home of fleas, flies, and mosquitos But you do not want to substitute one infestation for another. Clean up the clutter that can give spiders cover in your home. If you see several spiders in one day, notice webs, and see egg sacs that look like small, white balls, your Tucson home may be infested. 
  1. A swatter does not cut it when multiple houseflies sneak into your home through cracks, vents, screen holes, and open doors. These winged scavengers carry germs as they buzz around and land on dirty dishes, trash pails, litter boxes, and food. You will know you have a fly problem because you will see and hear them.

A fly infestation may start outdoors and then move inside. Flies may feed and ultimately lay eggs in an open garbage can. If you notice fly larvae, also called maggots, anywhere inside or around the outside of your home, a fly infestation is not far behind. 

  1. A woodpile, leaves, mulch, or decorative stones near your home foundation is the perfect hiding and breeding place for millipedes. These insects can enter your home through cracks in the foundation, gaps under doors, and openings in windows. If you notice several millipedes in your home, look for more. 

Rid Your Home Of Annoying Bugs Today

Annoying insects are no match for our skilled technicians at Bucksworth Services. We can eliminate bug infestations in your Tucson, AZ, home and restore your peace of mind. Call us at 520-284-9930 or request service online.  



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