The good thing about spiders is they eat bugs in your Arizona home.

That bad thing is, well, they are spiders. Pests. Creepy, crawly arachnids that are not exactly welcome guests in your home. The black widow spider and Arizona recluse spider even pose a potential health problem if they bite you.

One spider in your home is a nuisance and easily remedied. More than a few can disrupt your daily routine.

You do not want to spend the day on spider patrol, searching every nook and cranny with a rolled-up magazine or vacuum hose in hand. There are better ways to regain peace of mind and control of your Phoenix home.

Our experts at Bucksworth Services can help. We offer pest control services for many creatures, including insects, rodents, birds, reptiles, and spiders. Our pest maintenance plans protect your home indoors and out with multiple treatments throughout the year.

How Do I Get Rid of Spiders?

Spiders can enter your home through holes in window and door screens, cracks in your home’s foundation, gaps around doors and windows, vents, and pipes. You can carry them inside on items you have left outdoors, such as firewood, plants, and laundry.

Some may have grown up in your home. They may have been living under your furniture, in storage boxes in the attic, or behind the laundry area in your moist basement for a long time, feeding on bugs and becoming more visible when they are out and about looking to mate or for prey.

Keeping Spiders Out

Repair cracks in the foundation of your home. Replace worn weatherstripping and caulk around doors and windows. Fix torn window screens. Attach door sweeps to the bottom of storm doors to create a tight seal that keeps pests out. Be sure the dryer vent damper closes when the appliance is off.

Keep firewood away from your home and trim shrubs and trees away from your home’s siding or roof. Use a broom to brush away spider webs.

Check air-dried laundry, toys, and other items left outdoors before bringing them inside.

If you plan to move firewood or work in an attic or crawlspace you suspect may harbor spiders, wear a long-sleeved top, such as a sweatshirt or hoodie, and tuck your pants into your socks. Covering up will provide some protection against bites.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), spider bite symptoms can range from minor to severe. Bites may result in itching, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, headache, fever, chills, nausea, increased sweating, and high blood pressure.

Create a Spider-Free Home

  • Sweep out webs inside your house and destroy any egg sacs you see in your basement or attic. They look like little white balls of webbing.
  • Discourage spiders from seeking moisture indoors by running a dehumidifier in your basement and maintaining your plumbing.
  • Vacuum regularly to eliminate bugs that may be a food source for spiders.
  • De-cluttering can help control spiders. They gravitate toward dark, undisturbed places, such as storage boxes left open on the floor or piled high in the attic.
  • Keeping a clean, uncluttered home discourages spiders and insects from moving in.

Eliminate Your Spider Problem Today

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