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Bucksworth Home Services is your trusted pest control company for bees in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. When you have a bee or other flying insects, problem, contact us. With our 24-Hour Promise, we will be at your home in under 24 hours to fix the problem, and when it comes to bees, the problem cannot wait.

If you find yourself with a bee infestation of any kind, while you may hope that you can wish the problem away, it isn’t that easy. Trust Bucksworth Home Services to help you eliminate your bee problem before you or another family member is stung. Contacting us is the first step to protecting your home and family.

We offer a 24-Hour Promise. When you have a bee or other pest problem, you can’t wait days to have it fixed. Our 24-Hour Promise means we will be to your home in under 24 hours to fix your problem. We stand by our service so much that if you have another intrusion, we will come back to fix it for free.

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Bees in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona

Even though the stinging insect may have yellow and black stripes, you shouldn't assume that it's a bee. Bees are pollen collectors and have hairy bodies that they use to hold nectar and pollen with. Bees have a pair of large compound eyes which cover much of the surface of the head. There are over 20,000 bee species worldwide.

Bees are mostly know for pollinating, producing honey, and stinging people. Only female bees have stingers, and although all female bees can sting, they only do so when threatened. The 2 greatest risks from most insect stings, including a bee sting, are allergic reaction (which can be fatal in some people) and infection (more common and less serious).

In general, bees, aren't aggressive and only sting in self-defense and typically only sting once. If you disrupt a hive or swarm of bees, you are at risk of getting multiple stings. If you get stung more than a dozen times, the accumulation of venom may induce a toxic reaction and make you feel sick. Multiple stings can lead to a medical emergency.

Benefits of Pest Control for Bees in Phoenix and Tucson

No one wants to be stung by a bee or have a bee infestation. If you have a bee problem, before you start spraying store bought insect control products, you should understand that attempting to rid your home or business, on your own, of bees, is not advisable. These pests aren't just annoying, they also present life-threatening risks to your health.

Bees can be irritating, can pose a health risk for you and your family, and are a nuisance for Arizona homeowners and need to be eliminated as soon as possible. Anyone is susceptible to a bee problem. It doesn’t matter if your home is big, small, clean, or dirty, if these pests are in your home or yard, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them.

If you have signs of bees, or simply want to prevent them, enlisting the help of a professional pest control company, such as Bucksworth, is your best chance at alleviating and preventing the problem. We can treat both recently discovered and prolonged infestations.

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